Why Telecommuting is Your Way to Success 1

Why Telecommuting is Your Way to Success

Why Telecommuting is Your Way to Success 2
Why Telecommuting is Your Way to Success 3


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Adaptation. New environmental, economic conditions call for modifications. With the rise of the population, conflicts like heavy build-up in roads, pollution, and even communicable diseases have altered the way people live. This pushed for a breakthrough to happen especially in the working industry.

An evolution of the job market also occured due to technological advancements. Many companies have noticed the benefits of the unconventional way of working which is then called “remote.”

What is Remote work?

Work that is done outside the traditional office environment is then referred to as “remote.”  It is also coined as working from home or telecommuting. 

Without having the need to commute makes it a lot easier and convenient for employees to execute their projects and daily tasks. 

The concept of remote work is that employees can successfully execute projects and daily tasks without needing to commute to an office each day. Different levels of remote employment opportunities exist, but each type provides the benefit of flexibility in an employee’s professional and personal life.

Why remote and what are the benefits of Telecommuting?

There are many advantages of remote work or telecommuting and this is the reason a lot of people have transitioned themselves into this setup.

Here are some of its good points:

  1. Flexible lifestyle for employees – Fully remote workers can set their own schedule within general business hours while freelancers have the option to work whatever time they prefer. Parents, people with side hustles, and those who are taking further studies can have extra time to do other important activities in their lives. 
  2. Better health – No time wasted for commuting to offices makes employees less stressed and they can devote their time to other important activities. They can do exercise, do healthy eating by cooking healthier meals. When they are more happy, they increase their productivity and become more dedicated to their job. 
  3. Renewed passion– Employees get to select a place where they feel most comfortable and isolated from distractions. The capacity to work anywhere gives them a sense of reward and they feel more enthusiastic in achieving their goals.
  4. Higher productivity – Since most employees give more satisfying results with remote work, employers prefer this setup.
  5. Cost savings– There are minimal business expenses. Overhead is taken away from the reduction in costs of equipment, office furniture, rent and office supplies.
  6. Engaged employees– Employees become more engaged and this leads to lower attrition rate. The longer duration of the employee in the company makes the team more connected and bonded. A strong and loyal team that works together contributes to the faster growth of the company. 

Essential Remote Team Management Tips

  1. Organizational buy-in – The company must believe and unify in the decision that there is a need for remote work.
  2. Infrastructure –   Ensure that the company is using reliable tools for planning and communication. Some examples of effective collaboration tools are Slack, Zoom, Google, and Confluence.
  3. Establish communication rules
    • Keep the channels open. Stay in touch with the team by using video calls, chats, and emails.
    • Video calls are highly preferred because people can see the body language and facial expression of those they are talking to. It adds a personal touch and the team members’ cravings for a face-face contact is then satisfied.
    • Allot time for social bonding by giving them online spaces to reach out to each other.
    • In-person interactions in real life are also crucial to promote work-life balance. Schedule recreational activities for the team members to compensate for the lack of bonding in virtual teams. This creates a better atmosphere. 
  4. Provide useful trainings
    • Self-motivation Techniques
    • Introduce New and Effective Tools
    • Making the Most Out of the Communication Channel
    • Setting Up a Conducive Workspace at Home or Finding a Reliable Workspace
    • Creating and Complying to a Schedule
    • Getting Properly Dressed
    • Improving Reliability and Accountability
    • Improvise Ways of Coping with Distractions
    • Building Transitions or Useful Breaks from Work
  5. Set an adjustment period – Allow the team to have time in conditioning themselves for remote work. Listen to the employees’ voice because when their opinions are heard, they feel empowered. Establish a clear company culture and stick to its objectives.


Remote work or telecommuting provides a useful and intelligent alternative to the traditional office setup since it offers flexibility in time and location. Employees can work from a variety of workspaces for example at the comfort of their own houses, where they feel more convenient.

However, like in the physical offices, distractions are still inevitable in any place, so the workers must strategize to distance themselves from these. Communication tools must always be utilized to ensure a proper flow of information and fulfilment of tasks. The company must focus on enhanced training in different areas of learning to increase productivity.

Smart and dedicated people must be hired to get goals done. Lastly, social bonding and personal interactions in real life must also be established to give a breath of fresh air to the team to renew their minds and rejuvenate so that when they get back to work they feel more energized and enthusiastic.

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Why Telecommuting is Your Way to Success 4

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