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Lead Generation: A Ladder to Gain Brand Value and Increase in Revenue 1

Lead Generation: A Ladder to Gain Brand Value and Increase in Revenue

Lead Generation: A Ladder to Gain Brand Value and Increase in Revenue 2
Lead Generation: A Ladder to Gain Brand Value and Increase in Revenue 3

Lead Generation: A Ladder to Gain Brand Value and Increase in Revenue

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Attention is rather earned, and not bought nowadays. It is better to reap something out of pure hard work and gather something that is voluntary given and not forced.

In the same way, acquiring customers or clients for your business entails people sharing a remarkable experience about your products and services. You do not always pay for advertising. You can also increase brand awareness and target sales by the human stories that your customers share to their fellows and compile all of these feedback and let them be known to the consumer world. It is like that the “brand speaks for itself.” As a result you gather more leads that you can convert to buyers.

A rule of thumb in creating effective leads is to create compelling content and use this content to have leads through conversion of visitors.  A lead is a person who has indicated interest in some shape, form, or way, in your company’s product or service.

Lead generation or acquiring leads is the process of attracting or converting strangers and prospects into people who will indicate interests in your company’s products or services. Some examples of lead generators job applications, online content, and coupons.

You must be able to warm up potential clients to your business and eventually get them into buying.

Power of consumers 

Consumers have all the power. It must be put in mind that their needs are to be prioritized. Once you get to target what they are looking for, have enticed them, and provided them satisfaction, they patronize your service. They keep coming back to you. 

Establish a good first impression. Personalize the process by opening up communication to inquire about the existing needs of a potential customer. In this way, you provide value instead of just selling. It is more of serving, and serving involves empathy and compassion

Lead Generation Strategies

Nurture curious prospects through the marketing funnel and into your sales pipeline.  Effective lead generation strategies foster strong relationships with customers who are qualified for long-term investment in your business.

  • Lead Capture: collecting information from a lead. Information may include the lead’s name, contact information, business name, position, number of employees in his or her organization
  • Lead Magnets: incentives that drives a prospect to be a lead 
  • Lead Qualification: the lead’s information is used to determine how likely they are to buy
  • Lead Segmentation: based on their information, habits, and activities (e.g., job title, lead magnet attracted them, pages they visited on your website), leads are segmented or separated and then classified 

Points to Remember:

  • Attract 
  • Convert
  • Close
  • Delight

Strangers can become visitors. Visitors can be converted to leads. Leads will become customers. Customers may then become promoters who will increase awareness of your brand and consequently increase revenue.

Create content that addresses the dilemmas and needs of your ideal customers in order to ATTRACT qualified prospects and BUILD TRUST.

Mechanics of Lead Generation

  1. CTAs (Call to Actions) – A CTA (call to action) is an image, message, or button that calls visitors. This can be used in promoting a campaign. This action navigates to a landing page when it comes to lead generation.
  2. Landing page – This is a web page where a visitor lands on for a specific purpose.
  3. Forms – Hosted on landing pages are forms. These consist of a series of fields that gathers information in exchange for an offer.
  4. Offer – An offer piece of content or something that has value and is being offered on the landing page.

You can use your different promotional channels to link and drive traffic to your landing page once you get to combine all these elements together. You can then start generating leads.

Benefits of Lead Generation Strategies

  • The increase in leads of a website contributes to the heightening of the brand awareness.
  • You can upscale small businesses through leads by acquiring more prospects even those who are referred to as rich or affluent ones.
  • You get to have a vision of your target market. You do not aimlessly act in increasing revenue for your enterprise.
  • Lead generation makes you closer to your clients by knowing their personal preferences and thereby you can create tailored services for their specific needs.
  • You add value by directing your actions to what can be called a “focus group” of consumers since your efforts are concentrated in providing the best service that is custom-fit to their needs and wants.

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Lead Generation: A Ladder to Gain Brand Value and Increase in Revenue 4

Karissa Asis

Karissa is an Art and Science enthusiast with experience in feature writing, research, creative writing, and content marketing. She is also a thespian, a lover of the theater, who specializes in production management and a collaborator of performance and experimental art. She identifies herself as a curious and assertive individual who seeks adventure and dynamism in a conformist world.

Marketing Climate in 2020: Digital Transformation Trends 5

Marketing Climate in 2020: Digital Transformation Trends

Marketing Climate in 2020: Digital Transformation Trends 6
Marketing Climate in 2020: Digital Transformation Trends 7

Marketing Climate in 2020: Digital Transformation Trends

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People look for the freshest content. Readers also consume information that is easier to understand, concise, relevant, not to mention, entertaining. They want to find specific solutions to the problems they encounter every day. Consumers increase their engagement when they can identify a high level of importance in the data they get online and use these to resolve conflicts and deal with life’s turmoils.

Ideas are always evolving and are like germs and viruses that spread out to create an “infection” that will affect how the world works. “Infection” in the sense that it penetrates every human being and with just a little speck or hinto of it and from then on will dominate an entity and be carried from one being to another. An indispensable idea shall planted in a person’s mind for it to spread like wildfire.

Technology trends are ever-changing, unpredictable and dynamic. Content marketers must be always flexible to adapt to these changes. 

Here are some key points to consider and remember as one enters into the world of digital content marketing:

  1. Content Marketing – Content marketing is a marketing-focused endeavor on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a specific target online audience.
  2. Marketing Strategies – Commonly used by entrepreneurs and business owners to up their strategy game right now are; videos, blog, infographics, SEO, and podcasts.
  3. Use a content format that best fits you – It may be a blog, video or podcast, depending on what you are most comfortable and good at. You may then cover a topic and vary the formats afterwards. “There is no perfect content format for any topic.”
    • Create insanely actionable content. Use call-to-actions.
    • Devise a good user experience. You may centralize the big thought and take advantage of the white space in the blog. The easier it is to use or digest the content, the greater the traffic it drives to your website.
    • Be sure to have a Title Tag that entices readers or viewers. Provide step-by-step instructions or directions when discussing a topic especially when providing solutions to a specific problem. Link your post to other websites to give your users more depth to their information consumption.
    • Do content roundups, send email newsletters, post on Twitter, boost Facebook Posts to retarget your audience. 
  4. Want to start you email marketing? Here are some tools you can use:
    • Mailchimp
    • Campaign Monitor
    • UniSender
    • Constant Contact Mail
    • MailUp
    • VerticalResponse
  5. In order to make your marketing strategy a massive success. You have to distribute it to relevant platforms like (Facebook is still the number 1 site among these:
    • YouTube
    • Instagram
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Website blog
    • And other major social media platforms
  6. Stay informed with the trends. Here are some of the following things you should look at the most:
    • Mobility: It is important that the content has compatibility with different devices. As mentioned earlier, use calls-to-action, responsive design, and interactive elements with your contents
    • Personalization has evolved and automation: Artificial intelligence has been started and incorporated already. But, people always want to hear something from real human so make sure to communicate your message with human-touch.
    • Accessibility: Digital assistants and smart speakers are now being utilized.

Marketing Automation & Martech

75% of marketers use tools for marketing automations, and more than half them will still use these in the succeeding year.

  • Web analytics.
  • CRM.
  • Advertising automation.
  • Email marketing.
  • Workflow management.
  • Lead management.

Metrics – there are two basic metrics: traffic and conversions. The goal is to drive traffic into the website and have conversions that will eventually lead to sales.

Establishing Human Connection through Marketing

The content that is published must impart a message that touches the human heart or even soul so that it has a way to connect. There must be an established relationship between the brand and the consumer. Practical tips and a step-by-step guide in solving every day problems are perfect examples of stories of human interest.

Content marketing predictions for 2020

So what do we expect for the 2020s? With the rise of advanced web analytics and marketing technology (martech), content prioritizes on the audience’s preference and is more personalized. 

“Content prioritizes on the audience’s preference and is more personalized. “

Content marketing has to do with human existence. It will revolve around storytelling, authenticity, and ethical marketing. Authenticity entails emotional marketing. Human interest stories must be backed by more original research and written with visual content that does not give half-truths about the brand voice. 

As Google’s algorithms get smarter, content becomes larger. Only the best content will climb its way to the peak.

Data delivers a human touch

Ironically, before content marketing becomes more human and personalized, it needs to become more data-driven.

Content becomes more customized to the audience as it is making its way to the 2020s, as compared to the early 2010s, where writers create posts just to express themselves and not really for a determined set of audience. 

Analysis with methods for ranking must be done nowadays and web analytics must always be in the scene. In this way, they can be ready for competition with other brands. 

As content marketing enters 2020s, web analytics tools are the frequently used content marketing technology type. 

Expectations in 2020

  • Scientific method in publishing
  • Visual contents and multimedia blogging
  • Creation and distribution of data-driven content 
  • Popularity of voice search will become more popular 
  • Automation will aid in the strongest impact of digital advertising 
  • First-time users will delve into marketing automation
  • Instagram will rise againstFacebook in terms of number of monthly users.
  • High Return of Investment for Email marketing.
  • Personalization and authenticity of content will steer more marketing campaigns. 

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Marketing Climate in 2020: Digital Transformation Trends 8

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