PESO Strategy: Geared Towards Effective Brand Authority

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  • January 12, 2023

The first step to start any innovation is to understand how businesses work. A business owner must grasp the important things that make a proper business model. Tools are needed to concentrate on what really matters and avoid miscommunication and other issues.

It is vital to establish relationships with customers and for this goal a business strategy is created. These relationships are created through the channels that are used to deliver the message of the brand and advertise or promote the products and services.

There are various types of media channels through which information can be relayed. Once these media channels are combined and brewed, the mixture will become a strong component that can create authority. Integration of media is necessary to establish brand authority.

What are the media channels that can be used to leave a recognizable imprint?

Gini Dietrich, lead blogger, Spin Sucks PR and Marketing blog developed a model named PESO which stands for Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned media. These four media types were then merged to maximize opportunities or identify gaps in your communication strategy.

PESO Model Media Types

  1. Paid Media – These are composed of Facebook-sponsored posts, sponsored tweets, twitter cards, fan acquisition, lead generation, and outbrain are other examples.
  2. Earned Media – These are used for publicity purposes and includes media relations, blogger relations, investor relations, and influencer relations. Charity tie-ins, community service, and co-branding companies are also included.
  3. Shared Media – These consist of the social media networking sites e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Content gains mileage when it is relayed and promoted on these sites, in addition, these are more accessible.
  4. Owned Media – These comprise of contents that are generated by experts and users alike, employee stories, customer stories, reviews, brand journalism, webinars, videos, and podcasts.  Incentives from affiliate marketing, brand ambassadors, sponsored content, and native advertising also fall to this category.

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Strike a Banging Beat!

Every method needs to follow a careful and deliberate process for it to succeed. Here is a process flow that will surely guide you in the implementation of the PESO method.

1. Content ideation

Learn to write great content. Think about the germ idea first and how to expand and support it. Gather all the communication elements that can be tied up together and make a plan how to get down the message you want right through the conversion funnel. It is like sifting the finest ingredients to acquire an authentic and better result.

Get  to know your priorities and ultimate goal. Make sure that your plans and strategies lead to the capture not only of the target audience’s attention but also engagement.

2. Use the PESO model

Incorporate the PESO model in the organization of ideas. Utilize all media channels to leverage your business and increase your mileage.

3. Track progress using office productivity and management tools

Some softwares that are very much useful are Slack, Trello, and Kanban. There are a lot of other varieties that can help you in monitoring your work status so you will be able to meet deadlines in a more efficient manner and ensure your productivity.

Destroy the Box to Take In a New and Better Shape!

Get outside the mold you are in. Oftentimes, it is the old conditions and practices that hinder people to grow to the best that they can be and therefore affect others in their community. Recreation is one good thing to do to let your consumers know that you are always open for innovations. When you offer a fresher perspective on things, you enter a room for greater possibilities and improvement.

A League Ahead

As a startup, Think Digital PH takes on a bigger stride as it incorporates a strategy to build more effective corporate relationships and  help businesses especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) thrive in a digital world. It aims to create linkages and form tighter bonds to remove the digital divide. It envisions itself as an instrument for traditional businesses to transition to the virtual economy. It encourages inclusivity of people, especially the so-called “baby boomers,” who have little or no access to the internet, and enables them to convert their business endeavors into something that can be consumed in more diverse platforms.

Think Digital PH implements the PESO model in reaching out to clients and it can surely assist you in getting your business in this transition too!

In a very fast and dynamic world, it is always important to keep up. Success comes to those who are the most flexible and adaptable to change. Exert extra effort, time, and upscale your skills so you can maximize your potentials.

 Jaychrist Teves

Jaychrist Teves

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