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Whether you're a startup, an entrepreneur, or a brick and mortar business, we work with variety of local businesses. Check out some of our works below.
↓ Work File 001 ↓

Envato Market — WordPress themes, web templates and more. Brought to you by the largest global community of creatives.

Our Works 1
■ Project:
■ Requirements: UI & UX, Ecommerce
■ Demo: Visit Envato Market
Everything you need to get creative projects done. Envato bring your ideas to life with professional digital assets, resources and services. We redesigned the marketplace & A/B test to bring an effortless experience on buying & selling individual assets.
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Happy Orange Project — 365 curated act of kindness so that you can choose an idea that resonates with you. Join a kindness initiative and share your experience.

Our Works 2
■ Project:
■ Requirements: Branding & Art Direction
■ Sign Up: Join Happy Orange Project
You can make a positive impact today or 365 days of the year, it's really up to you! Here you can discover ideas and stories of simple acts of kindness. In this project, the team are responsible for art direction, designing brand assets, & other products to communicate brand mission that every small act of kindness can make a positive change.
↓ Work File 003 ↓

Priority Consultants — Building enterprise relationships. Relationships + Results approach to PR, content generation and marketing.

Our Works 3
■ Project:
■ Requirements: Web & Branding Design
■ Contact: Get In Touch With Priority Consultants
They have built their reputation on the cornerstone of strong Relationships + Results. Their campaigns help enterprises identify, differentiate and communicate with their key stakeholders in Asia. the team are responsible for providing content ideas, designing marketing assets, and communicating brand consistency to key individuals within the orgranization.
↓ Work File 004 ↓

RVPRCO — A full service brand curating firm, providing a full range of brand consulting services, tailored to the specifics of their clients.

Our Works 4
■ Project:
■ Requirements: Brand Identity Design
■ Demo: Visit RVPRCO Website
RV provides a sophisticated discipline of business practices to meet their client's budget, time frame and creative sensibility. Our team of designers, worked with the firm to not only navigate the essence of their company within their desired marketplace, but to actualize their vision of building and maintaining unique brand companies, products, or services.
↓ Work File 005 ↓

Brainhub —  Their mission is to build digital products that last. By being reasonable product craftsmen, They're able to avoid surprises and focus on the quality of the software they make and deliver.

Our Works 5
■ Project: Jackbox Games (Funkmaster)
■ Requirements: UI Designs, UX Design
■ Demo: See Project Details
Their goal is to become the no. 1 JavaScript software development company in the world by focusing on one technology, supporting the ecosystem (open source). They're eager to help technology driven companies achieve their business goals with their help. All that is possible thanks to their great team. Our team, was able to help them create the best experience for one of their clients Jackbox Games, an end-to-end design and development of a content management system.
↓ Work File 006 ↓

Walkthrough —  Walkthrough enables agents to book the real estate services they need, when they need it, and at the best price without sacrificing quality.

Our Works 6
■ Project: Walkthrough
■ Requirements: Digital Designs & Ideation
■ Demo: Visit The Website
Book listing services faster, easier, and more affordably. Walkthrough is a one stop shop to book everything you need with people you already work with. For this project, the team was responsible for the pitch deck designs, marketing assets and web site designs. This was a success because 1,000+ amazing customers already using it and had a successful series of funding.
↓ Work File 007 ↓

Personiv —  People Powered Outsourcing. They hire, train and retain top talent with a customized plan for each client, delivering high-quality work quickly and effectively, while their customers enjoy cost savings of up to 75%. They see outsourcing as a partnership, not just a contract.

Our Works 7
■ Project: Personiv
■ Requirements: Web & Graphic Designs
■ Demo: Visit The Website
Their culture is steeped in excellence with a quality stamp that can’t be duplicated. What makes their customers so loyal is their dedication to one-on-one service. The team helped on designing different marketing assets for different clients with different types of business.
↓ Work File 008 ↓

Bodies App —  Bodies App is an innovative health and fitness platform that helps health & fitness enthusiasts, trainers, coaches, fitness locations and open spaces, to connect in an open platform.

Our Works 8
■ Project: Bodies App
■ Requiremends: UI Designs, UX Design, & Prototyping
■ Download: Visit The Website
Bodies App is an innovative platform that helps users market to new clients, manage their schedule and take care of their transactions. The team was able to collaborate with the company goals to communicate and design an innovative solution for their specific demographics.
"I have collaborated with Think Digital on one new project and they’re all been super helpful throughout the process. The team are talented hard working individuals and has lots of patience, which is a crucial factor in web startups and local businesses. I recommend them to anyone who wants to get the job done in style."
George Solomides

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